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Pelta™Digital Authentication Technology based on industry standard 2D Quick Response codes (QR Codes), Dot codes and Data Matrix ECC 200 barcodes.

Data Matrix

Data Matrix ECC 200 is the 2D barcoding standard used by many pharmaceutical companies to comply with pedigree regulatory requirements.

Quick Response codes (QR Codes)

QR codes are machine readable symbols which encode information that can be read by barcode scanning applications running on most smart phones.

Dot Code

Dot codes are matrix symbology designed to produce machine readable coding that can be read with existing industrial printing equipment. This type of code is ideal for high-speed inkjet and laser marking applications and is typically marked onto food and pharmaceutical products.

Consumer Authentication or iVerifyIT™ (PCA)

The ability for consumers to authenticate a product or document is genuine using a smart phone or other accessible scanner for PC’s.

Covert Information

The information in the 2nd layer (covert) of a Pelta™ code is used to authenticate. The covert information is encrypted and impossible for counterfeiters to create.

This covert information is variable for each code.

Stored in Covert Layer

The covert information in a Pelta™ code can include secret or serialized data only known to the creator or authorized user of the card or document.

  • Portion of a SS#
  • Check words or phrases
  • Encoded personalized information

Track and Trace

Another common name for serialization where a unique ID or serial number is assigned to each individual package and usually tracked via a 2D barcode or using RFID technology. Variances of this process is dependent upon government regulations and Brand Owner specifications.


Regulatory requirements for pharmacy products initiated in CA which become active in Jan. 2015. The requirements are to provide the ability to track any pharmaceutical products at the unit level throughout the supply chain.

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