Brand Protection, Authentication and Track & Trace Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

One of Pagemark Africa’s core mission is to provide manufacturers with a premier service in brand
protection, authentication, track and trace, serialisation and anti-counterfeiting solutions.
Pagemark Africa provides a secure authentication technology that allows brand owners to do all of this through a patented 2D code.


The secure PeltaTM code is the foundation for the
product offerings of Pagemark Africa that includes:

•  Secure Printing Solutions
•  Product and Document Authentication
•  Track and Trace Solutions
•  Cross Channel Marketing


Key Benefits of Using Pagemark Africa’s Technologies for Manufacturers

•  Superior Inventory Management – By tracking products through the entire supply chain
•  Reduction of Fraud/Rountripping/Diversions – Deter counterfeiting and track diversion by embedding
sensitive product information
•  Product Authentication – Includes a product validation solution at consumer level
•  Geo-tracking capability of produced products – This technology utilises geo-tracking technology or
diversion notification and fraud alerts to brand owners
•  End user response pages – Interactive web pages providing consumers with the ability to see product
related information
•  Product management – Assists in managing product recall programs by providing more accurate
tracking of products


Pagemark has successfully implemented authentication solutions for governments and brand owners across the world.

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