Customise your Brand Protection

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd, an innovator in thermal inkjet technology, now offers HP thermal inkjet printers & inks focused purely on providing exporters with globally unique solutions that protect the company brands from counterfeit, substitution and other fraudulent actions.

A Complete Solution

  • POLYtij HP thermal ink printers
  • Covert invisible non porous & HACCP foodgrade inks
  • HD barcode integrated in QR code for marketing & security
  • “Closed loop” custom UV lens smartphone & Apps
  • Custom Website & IT Validation

We utilise innovative HP thermal POLYtij UV invisible non porous & HACCP food grade inks, combined with our encypted barcode technology, real time smartphone & website authentication. POLYtrust offers the ability to protect food, packaging & luxury items such as clothing, shoes and sunglasses.

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