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CIPC Roundtable: Trade Mark Counterfeiting And Its Role In Illicit Trade In The Liquor And Tobacco Industries

Pagemark Africa MD, Kyle Parker, will be participating in the CIPC roundtable discussion on trade mark counterfeiting and its role in illicit trade in the liquor and tobacco industries, to be held on 26 October at Distell Stellenbosch from 8am to 2pm.

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Wanted dead or alive!

The British think-tank, International Policy Network (IPN), estimates that globally, 700 000 deaths a year are caused by fake malaria and tuberculosis drugs—comparing the death toll to the equivalent of “four fully laden jumbo jets crashing every day. In Africa,...
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Sale of fake cosmetics picks up

www.thenews.com – The sale of fake cosmetics is reaching its peak in the markets and bazaars with the shopkeepers fast getting involved in this business that is posing grave dangers to the health of the consumers. “Make-up, perfume, electrical hair...
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Impact of illegal alcohol brewing – SAfm Radio Feature

For many years governments around the world have been trying to deal with the problem of illegal brewing. The strange thing about this is that it has a high demand while impacting on formal manufacturers, government revenue, and people’s health....
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Wine Fraud

Wine Fraud can come in different forms, Wikipedia describes wine fraud perfectly;  “In all cases the fraud relates to the commercial aspects of wine. The most prevalent type of fraud is one where wines are adulterated, usually with the addition of cheaper products (e.g....
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Pelta™ for Fighting Counterfeiting and Hijackings

An article was published in the road ahead publication on the uses of Pelta™ for the fighting the ever prevalent counterfeiting industry as well as fighting supply chain truck hijackings. Read More About Pelta™ for Cighting Counterfeiting and Hijackings
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Combating Electricity Theft

Traceability Solutions (an authorised partner of Pagemark Africa) was published in the Energy Focus for using the Pelta™ solution to help municipalities maintain more control over electricity use and payment, as well as help to combat electricity theft. For more...
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Keeping the Fraudsters at Bay…

The South African economy, government and businesses are losing billions of rands per annum because of tax cheats, evaders and fraudsters robbing government of due taxes. Government has to make cuts or provide minimal and insufficient funding to vital services...
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Protecting What’s Important

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic review did a feature on the latest innovations in pharmaceutical safety. The PeltaTM code was featured as one of these innovations. Traceability Solutions (an authorised partner of Pagemark Africa) knows and understands the value of coupling the...
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