Government Official Documentation

Government issued and official documentation are almost always at risk of being duplicated by fraudsters to commit fraud. Many people and businesses are targeted by charlatans. According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Economic Crime Survey done in 2014, it was found that an African country’s companies experience more fraud and bribery than the rest of the world. Individuals also suffer the effects of fraud. Identity theft is rife in Africa and as such, Government needs to ensure that there are effective ways of authenticating official documentation. The PeltaTM solution is ideal for governments to use for authenticating high value official documents.

The below list of documents can be authenticated, using Pagemark Africa’s solutions:


Anti-copy technology:

When combining the PeltaTM solution with holograms for instance, fraudsters will not be able to replicate or recreate a high value document.

Pagemark Africa can provide turnkey solutions:

Complete solutions including the mobile software, security printing, paperwork integration and maintenance of such a system is provided.

Customisable solutions provided for client requirements:

Depending on each unique problem and due to our wide range of solutions, Pagemark Africa is able to customise a security solution that can meet requirements.

Expertise and experience:

Pagemark Africa has worked with many governments across the world to provide the best authentication solutions.

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