Apart from protecting the rights of citizens and individuals and enforcing laws, governments are concerned with generating revenue and decreasing national debt. Although these concerns are common to most governments, there are other issues that governments need to effectively deal with that are unique to their country. In Africa, some governments have to effectively deal with corruption and fraud. Pagemark Africa can provide a solution to collect previously due and uncollected taxes, help with enforcing laws as well as help in fighting fraud.

Some Important Facts:

  • Governments are seeking more effective ways to control tax imports and exports especially in the case of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Illicit cigarettes and alcohol are also on the rise, which means that some trademark owners are selling their product without paying over the applicable taxes.
  • Counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes are on the rise, and pose to be a threat to public health. New serialised technologies are required to help law enforcement identify fake from authentic products for confiscation.
  • Consumer fraud and identity theft is growing annually.
  • Black-market products and diversion are increasing worldwide, many countries have more black-market products sold then legitimately imported and controlled products. Many of these companies don’t pay taxes either.
  • Duplicate and fraudulent identity, licence and registration, drivers’ licences, marriage, birth and death certificates as well as qualifications pose to be a huge problem for some African governments and companies.

Pagemark Africa for Government

  • Pelta™ can be customized to be utilized in a variety of solutions such as facial recognition ID cards, licenses, vehicle registration documents and plates, tax stamps, and many other value-add security solutions.
  • Should governments legislate that all cigarettes and alcohol are required to have tax stamps with the PeltaTM code, law enforcement would be able to determine whether trademark owners have complied with new legislation.
  • Pagemark Africa provides a broad range of solutions to protect citizens and their identification, control resources, secure important documents, and generate revenue for government institutions.
  • Printed security solutions include Pelta™ codes, holograms, UV/IR and an array of specialty printings solutions. See our Custom Solutions page for more details.
Excise tax solutions from Pagemark Africa can provide governments a method to track all products stamped via geo-location technology. In this manner, the Pelta™ server can alert government agents of possible product diversion whenever a product is scanned.

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