Luxury goods are often the target of counterfeiters. If the product is a good copy of the original, the product can be sold at a good profit, as the counterfeiters use the perception of luxury and quality to charge a high price for their copied goods. The challenge for most luxury brands is that the copied product looks almost identical to the authentic product. Now with the iVerifyITTM solution, luxury brands can empower their consumers to validate a product, simply by using their own smartphone, before making the purchase.

Some Important Facts:

  • Counterfeiting of luxury goods is on the increase.
  • Luxury brands need improved authentication methods to maintain brand control.
  • Consumers want an easy to use method to validate that the product they are purchasing, is the real thing.
  • Counterfeiters have access to and are making use of the technology available. In some cases they are able to copy the traditional printed security methods.

Pagemark Africa for Luxury Goods:

  • Brand owners can be notified if a product is found in a location different to its intended destination.
  • By using the solutions available, brand owners can provide their customers with the ultimate peace of mind before deciding to buy a luxury item.
  • Pelta™ codes covert information can be used to implement serialization or track and trace which is embedded in any standard 2D QR or Data Matrix code providing Brand Owners with an unbreakable authentication solution. See our custom solutions page for more details.
Pagemark Africa provides an array of solutions. When solutions are combined, the highest level of anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting solution is available to brand owners.

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