Counterfeiting, product diversion or black marketing are all illicit organised crime activities that are seriously effecting the world economy. Globalisation has provided many organised crime organisations opportunities and access to many markets and countries. All manufactured products that are of value are at risk of being copied and sold – mostly at a lesser quality, more of a profit and the copied products are often indistinguishable from the authentic product.

Some Important Facts:

  • Counterfeiting, diversion, and black-marketing are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and technologically capable, per some documented cases, counterfeiters were able to replicate traditional security printing methods overnight.
  • Consumers who are seeking genuine products want an easy-to-use and secure method to validate the products they purchase for peace of mind.
  • Counterfeiting and black marketing are growing annually.
  • In order to maintain brand control, brand owners need secure authentication solutions. In addition to this, the need to track and trace their products from factory to consumer is becoming more and more of an industry standard.

Pagemark Africa for Packaged Goods/Brand Protection

  • Pagemark Africa offers one of the strongest anti-counterfeiting portfolios available in the packaged goods market. Pelta™ codes and serialized holograms; when combined on a label or stamp, provide both the highest level of anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting protection available. See our Custom Solutions page.
  • Pelta™ covert data can be used as a basis to implement serialization and/or track and trace. The covert data-layer can be embedded into any standard 2D QR or Data Matrix ECC 200 barcode providing Brand Owners with an affordable and powerful solution to meet government pedigree or other global regulations.
  • Anti-copy protection is another solution portfolio Pagemark Africa provides utilizing patented holograms, UV and DNA inks and a variety of other secure printing products and solutions.
  • Pagemark Track and Trace can implement geo-tracking of products. If a coded product is scanned in an unplanned destination or in numerous locations in a short space of time, the software notifies the manufacturer of this diversion.

Our mobile application iVerifyIT™ can be used to validate if a product is genuine or fake. This scanning software can be loaded onto any 1B smartphone or standard scanner

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