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More than Half the Steel Industry has come across Fakes

– More than half of steel companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market have reported counterfeit cases, a new study has revealed.

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Interpack 2017 News

Two heads are better than one! POLYtij® S3-2 two printhead printers offer FMCG companies an ideal opportunity to enhance their anti-counterfeit capabilities in a simple and cost effective coding solution.

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Fake Footwear – A Growing Threat

The global fake footwear market accounts for over $1tn a year and, while some consumers feel that buying fake designer goods is a victimless crime, there is some evidence showing that fake products, such as shoes and handbags, support child labour and can be used to fund terrorism.

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Counterfeit Toys – Buyer Beware!

Currently, the toy market is being flooded with counterfeit toys by the criminal underworld. The problem is not the fact that they are getting really good at producing these fakes, but more the dangers these toys pose.

Parents have been warned about the potential dangers of buying cheap toys for their children, and have been told to be vigilant after tests of seized items showed some contained high levels of phthalates believed to increase risk of developing cancer. “It is frightening to think that large quantities of phthalates are still being used in children’s toys, especially when it can cause such serious long-term consequences to a person’s health,” said Robert Chantry-Price, a lead officer for product safety at the CTSI (Chartered Trading Standards Institute).

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Wanted dead or alive!

The British think-tank, International Policy Network (IPN), estimates that globally, 700 000 deaths a year are caused by fake malaria and tuberculosis drugs—comparing the death toll to the equivalent of “four fully laden jumbo jets crashing every day. In Africa,...
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Beauty and the Beast – cosmetic counterfeiting

Companies that operate within the cosmetics industry are painfully aware of the cost of counterfeiting. It seems that the bigger the brand awareness, the greater the chances are that the brand will be counterfeited. Security organisations and governments dealing in...
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Faking Food Security

Maintaining food security remains a significant challenge for governments worldwide. In general, there is less food and more people, with demand outstripping supply. One of the solutions to this problem could be in creating “fake food” or ingredient substitutes. Governments...
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Could Tax Stamping save Africa from Health and Revenue Collapse?

The high demand for cheap alcohol has fueled an illegal alcohol industry that is hugely problematic for governments and legitimate stakeholders in the alcohol industry.  This affects other areas as well, such as pharmaceutical, dry food and cigarettes. The most...
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How to tackle Border Controls

Logistics in itself can carry many challenges; venturing cross border increases risk, particularly at border level. According to Habiba Ben Barka, Senior Planning Economist; cross boarder growth targets are failing, attributed mainly by existing border control practices and challenges. Typically...
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Brand Protection, Authentication and Track & Trace Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

One of Pagemark Africa’s core mission is to provide manufacturers with a premier service in brand protection, authentication, track and trace, serialisation and anti-counterfeiting solutions. Pagemark Africa provides a secure authentication technology that allows brand owners to do all of...
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