In addition to the track and trace of products or documents in the supply chain, we also provide physical asset management solutions. If your assets are high value, and are at risk of being stolen or are difficult to manage, we can supply the marking and identification hardware, scanners or labelling and equipment as well as software to meet your requirements. For further security of your assets, we can incorporate the PeltaTM code to prevent possible theft of the valuable items.


Track and trace of your valuable assets:

The track and trace software enables organisations to know where assets are at any given time.

Protect and manage your assets:

Because the track and trace solution allows for the tracking and tracing of assets, it becomes a theft deterrent as deviant employees are likely to think twice about stealing if they knew how stringent the track and trace processes are.

Establish accountability for your assets:

The track and trace software also helps to establish accountability for assets. This further secures company assets and equipment as if they are damaged or stolen, individuals could be held liable.

Turnkey solution:

We provide the hardware, software and expertise as well as design processes to ensure that your asset management solution is a success.

We can integrate with already established processes and hardware:

If you already have established hardware and solutions and would just like to enhance your current systems, we can easily do so.

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