Demetalisation is the selective removal of metal from a metalized film, which provides a level of security for high value documents and products. Recent advances in this technology allow a dramatic increase in the realizable resolution of the demetallised patterns, creating security features that extend well beyond the naked human eye into microscopic resolutions. Herein lies the security feature of this product. Demetalised films along with colour stamping and serialised holography are all variations of holography, which is a core anti-copy technology that has been in existence for over 20 years.

Many brands, especially in the software industry, use holography of a logo for anti-counterfeiting purposes. Government and educational institutions also benefit from the use of holograms to authenticate high value documents such as IDs, vehicle registrations and graduation certificates.


Peace of mind in protecting your product or document:

For peace of mind and the utmost security against counterfeiters, the PeltaTM code can be combined with holograms.

Secure tracking solutions available:

Serialised holographic solutions are available for any market requiring more secure tracking solutions.

Solutions available to meet your industry needs:

Industries such as the tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and consumer products can all benefit from the security features of the holograms.

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