DNA ink, as another option to the invisible inks used in anti-counterfeiting, is an ink doped with trace elements. When the ink is printed onto material, it appears to be black in colour or invisible, but when scanned the trace elements become visible. This security feature is very effective as counterfeiters and fraudsters believe that they are copying the mark to effectively imitate the product. When they copy the mark that appears to be black, they fail to copy the trace elements that would differentiate the fake product from the authentic product.


Inks can easily be printed using inkjet printing machines:

These inks can be used in inkjet printing machines in a production line. It would be like printing with normal inks.

Widest range of DNA ink types:

Because of the wide range of DNA inks, we are able to ensure higher degrees of security and makes it more complex for counterfeiters to imitate.

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