Since 2007, organised crime have increased efforts related to identity theft and forgery of government documents to gain illegal access to personal lines of credit. As a result of this crime, governments across various countries have been under pressure to update technology and security around the printing of these high value documents. Pagemark has been creating secure ID cards for over 10 years for a number of public and private organisations globally.


Assured of expert advice and high quality solutions

Pagemark has developed a thorough understanding of industry best practices, standards and regulations revolving around ID creation.

Increased return on investment:

Pagemark’s IDs last longer than 5 years.

Variety of solutions available, to meet client requirements:

Pagemark can provide a variety of optically variable image devices for government requirements.

Easy to implement

Pelta™ can fit easily into any workflow in the creation or printing of ID’s, passports and other high value government documents.

Experience with Government institutions

Pagemark has worked with many government agencies to integrate the Pelta™ and other secure printing technologies into their processes.

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