In South Africa alone, counterfeiting is estimated to have hit over R350bn in 2011 and is growing annually.

The PeltaTM technology is based on the standard 2D code, but extends the capability of the 2D code by adding a second layer of information. The second layer is hidden and invisible to the standard 2D code reader. The second layer of data is encrypted in a proprietary format. The covert layer can only be decrypted by the Pagemark’s mobile or PC software using a custom key, thus can be used as a basis of an authentication or track and trace solution. The licencee of PeltaTM can use the custom software for internal use and consumers may make use of a scanner application on their smartphone to authenticate the document or product.

The overt layer of information is read identically to standard 2D codes (i.e. QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, Maxicode, DotCode and others). This first layer of information is easily accessible and includes logistical or marketing information, easily read by scanner applications on a smartphone. Social media and mobile advertising have the highest growth especially among gen-X and Y consumers. Implementing a channel marketing strategy that leverages these mediums is likely to provide a good return on investment.

Examples of covert data are:

  • Variable check words
  • External linkage information (known by Officials only)
  • Lot or location information
  • Facility tracking codes

PeltaTM is used as a basis of many Pagemark’s solutions:

  • Pagemark’s Track and Trace Solution
  • iVerifyIT – Authentication Solution
  • Promotional Prize Verification Solution


Easy to integrate into existing workflows:

The 2D code is quickly becoming the standard for branding and digital messaging in the public eye. Adding the PeltaTM covert layer to an already existing workflow, means that this new technology is likely to be easily adopted.

Cost effective anti-counterfeit solution:

Specialised hardware is not required for this solution to work. The PeltaTM code can be printed onto products or documents by utilising client existing printing and marking methods.

Earning consumer trust in products and high value documents:

End-users can authenticate the origin of products, simply by using an application on their smartphone.

Eliminate product fraud and false warranty charges:

By implementing the Pelta™ solution, products with a covert Serial Number can be used to validate the manufacturing date and other service information.

Enhance supply chain management and quickly identify product diversion:

PeltaTM global tracking technology and geolocation functionality allows supply chain management and product diversion notification.

Maintain brand control:

Brand Owners will be able to verify their product from the cheap fakes.

Added benefit of getting to know your customer through loyalty and reward programmes:

Engage with your clients and get to know the clients who are loyal to your brand. All they need to do is scan your product each time they make a purchase. This way you can reward their loyalty. Additionally, leverage social media or the internet for marketing, using the PeltaTM code.

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