Fraudsters and counterfeiters are targeting airlines, entertainment and couponing. In the airline, entertainment and couponing industries, the tickets or coupons are typically printed with a 2D code, which without a covert layer, can easily be copied. Anti-copy solutions implemented should be cost effective to implement and use at a low cost, all the while protecting the company and consumers from fraudsters. New ground-breaking solutions are required, especially in the airline industry, as terrorists and fraudsters are increasing their use of newer technologies to copy tickets.


100% Secure solution:

Pelta™ with its’ patented covert layer, the encryption method is practically indestructible; 100% protected and is ideal for ticketing and couponing solutions.

Stay in control of printed tickets:

Utilize track and trace for geo-tracking and time stamping of fraudulent and authentic boarding passes. A ticket can be tracked internationally for close to real time reporting of suspicious activities.

Low cost to implement and high return on investment:

Pelta™ codes do not require expensive readers or other proprietary scanners. A standard smart phone with iVerifyIT™, Pagemark’s mobile software can be used for great results. Existing printing hardware can be used to print the Pelta™ codes onto the tickets or coupons.

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