Invisible inks are another solution available that can help authenticate documents and products. Special inks are used to print text, images or specific designs on secure paper. The text, images or designs will only be visible on the original paper. The copy, when viewed under special lighting or exposed to certain chemicals, will not display the hidden images. This security solution is favoured by government entities for bank notes and passports. These inks can be used on a wide variety of materials beyond secure paper and standard media types.

Many private organisations have found this solution to be useful in protecting their products and documentation too.


Assured of up-to-date anti-counterfeiting technology

Pagemark Africa invests time and money into products supplied. New formulated UV inks are only viewable with a different UV wavelength.

Protection of your high value documents or products

Inks are not copy able, so they will not show on copies made.

Easy validation of your product or document:

Using hidden watermarks and hidden logos provide you with an easy way to validate your product or document, whilst counterfeiters are unaware of these covert markings.

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