Counterfeiting of major branded products continues to grow – some of the hardest hit industries include automotive parts, life sciences, food, tobacco, alcohol and electronics. Not only does this mean consumers are purchasing potentially sub-grade products, in some cases their health may be at risk. Brand owners need to find ways of protecting consumers and their brand from fraudsters.


Pagemark Africa can provide comprehensive brand protection strategy:

Due to Pagemark Africa’s expertise and range of solutions, a brand protection strategy can be developed to meet client’s individual needs.

Existing QR or Data Matrix 2D codes can be leveraged:

The PeltaTM solution extends the capability of the 2D code, and adds a second covert layer of information for security and protection.

Track and trace your product:

The PeltaTM solution and the Track and Trace software enables brand owners to track their products from production to the end consumer, providing brand control and important business intelligence about the supply chain.

No need for additional printing or validation equipment:

In-use workflows and printing technologies can be used to implement this solution.

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