Counterfeiters are becoming more technologically advanced, and as such, have found ways in which to even copy the security features employed by brand owners. Even identity thieves have become more advanced in the methods employed to forge high value documents like passports, identity documents, birth certificates, death certificates, driver’s licences to name a few. Due to the unique security requirements of each industry, Pagemark Africa has many options and security features to choose from.


Variety of existing clients, thereby ensuring expertise and experience for your unique need:

Pagemark’s clients vary from small to multi-national organisations to governments – all requiring security printing on documents and products.

20 varieties of security printing available:

Due to the wide range of solutions available, mixing the security techniques can provide the utmost anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery solutions available.

Anti-copy technology:

The covert information on the Pelta™ code, used along with holograms, cannot be copied by counterfeiters.

Mix and Match Examples
Serialized HologramUV InksColorized HoligramSerialized Number and 2D barcode
Targeted solution
Authentication solutions with anti-copy protectionAuthentication solutions with anti-copy protection
Visually appealing + anti-counterfeiting
Inexpensive but powerful authentication solution

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