Governments across the world are seeking better methods of controlling the physical import of vehicles into their countries. Fraud and non-payment of taxes related to vehicles are often of concern to governments. In addition to this, city officials are often concerned about vehicle smog, traffic control, parking, as well as ticketing. Pagemark has been working with governments across the world to establish a turnkey motor vehicle solution to help address some of these issues.


Pagemark Africa can provide Turnkey Solutions:

Complete solutions including the mobile software, security printing, paperwork integration and maintenance of such a system is provided.

Customisable for client requirements:

Due to our wide range of solutions, we are able to customise a security solution that can meet your unique requirements.

Expertise and experience:

Pagemark has worked with many countries and governments across the world to assist them with similar solutions.

System integration expertise:

Pagemark has worked with a variety of custom or off the shelf dB and enterprise ERP/CRM, business system providers.

Solution components:

  • Pelta™ server software with encryption key
  • Pelta™ code formation
  • Formation of a small 3rd license plate which attaches to the back window of the vehicle (see image)
  • Mobile application software (Android or iOS)
  • Client dB with connectivity
  • Integration to mobile server
  • Maintenance and support

The mobile application of this solution supports:

  • Online queries relating to stolen vehicles
  • Online queries relating to traffic offenses
  • Online queries relating to vehicle authentication
  • Validation of authenticity of official payment receipts
  • Recall of traffic violations with printed tickets – payments can be made on a special code (online or at branch)
  • Printing receipts of payment

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