Due to the high numbers of medicines that are being counterfeited, or diverted legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers have to find ways to protect their consumers and brands. In an attempt to do so, manufacturers need to be able to track their product from production to receipt by the consumer. In addition, manufacturers need to employ complex secure printing solutions to ensure that the security solutions are not copied by fraudsters.


Complete track and trace:

Anti-counterfeiting regulations will necessitate Brand Owners and their suppliers to support tracking pedigrees, or protective data logs, which trace each drug’s chain of ownership from the pharmacy back to the Brand Owner. Pelta™ provides pharmaceutical manufacturers tracking through the entire supply chain, specifying where and who is authenticating the shipments. The track and trace software is flexible and can meet requirements of flexible API’s and plug-ins to legacy software and ERP systems.

Alerts/notifications for product diversion or counterfeiting:

Alert conditions can be created to notify and keep track of products so that diversions or counterfeiting can easily be identified. Once identified, brand owners can be notified of such diversions or counterfeiting.

Conformance to GS1 standards

Pelta™ solution conforms to GS1 standards and can provide the added flexibility for supplementary global requirements.

Protection of consumer:

Consumers are enabled to authenticate medication prior to purchase.

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