The purpose of tracking and tracing a product is for the manufacturer to have the ability to maintain control over their product from manufacture to final receipt by their clients. This can be achieved by serialising each item, to a box and pallet. This establishes a relationship between the item, box and pallet and helps to identify which shipments have been diverted, should this take place. Additionally, accountability for these serialised products can be established as date, time and person responsible for the shipments is recorded once scanned at planned scan points.

Pagemark Africa’s solution to uniquely identify individual items is the most powerful strategy for combating counterfeiting.


Easily integrated into existing workflows:

The track and trace solution can be easily customized and incorporated into any existing printing workflow solution, regardless of complexity or the number of systems used.

Integrated into existing 2D Data Matrix codes:

Pagemark Africa Track and Trace can be integrated into existing 2D Data Matrix codes, thereby hiding proprietary information with our patented encrypted and covert 2nd layer.

Maintain brand control:

Each time a product is authenticated, the action is logged and stored in the Petla™ Server. Product history is available at any time by Brand Owners or their administrators.

Management of global recall:

Pelta™ server data can be utilized in the planning and management of global recall program should such actions be required.

No specialised scanners or software required for authentication:

Specialised hardware or readers are not required for brand owners and their consumers to verify their products (anywhere in the supply chain).

Geo-tracking and alerts:

Global product tracking and customised alerts or notifications of suspicious activity are key to the Track and Trace solution.

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