Pelta™ Cross Channel Marketing Solution

The PeltaTM solution can be used for cross marketing to increase brand strength and for short-term promotions. What’s more is that due to the security of the code, forgery of coupons and the like are unlikely. Pelta™ provides higher ROI on cross marketing promotions, providing Brand Owners more secure methods to authenticate prize awards. Pelta™ can be used as a delivery tool for video ads, text message or audio wave files.

Benefits for the Consumer:

  • QR codes can provide various information relating to product specifications, instructional videos etc.
  • QR codes are widely recognized and accepted by consumers
  • Pelta™ codes provide customers with the security of knowing that they are buying a genuine product (not counterfeit)

Benefits for the Brand Owner:

  • Pelta™ provides dual functionality of cross channel marketing as well as anti-counterfeiting functionality.
  • Ease of incorporation into established variable workflows
  • No supplementary hardware/readers required for verification
  • Can be authenticated by everyone at any time throughout the supply chain

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