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Logistics Track and Trace with Authentication and Geolocation

TRACK AND TRACE WITH AUTHENTICATION AND GEOLOCATION: THE LONG-TERM SOLUTION TO REDUCING COUNTERFEITING AND HIJACKINGS…AND KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMER   Introduction As a basic approach to business, increasing profits and minimizing costs are always of concern to manufacturers and business alike....
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Combating the Expensive Costs of Cheap Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

Can you say for sure that the medication you take has all the ingredients it claims to have? How would you feel if you knew that the medication you were taking was in fact harmful to your health because it...
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Technologies to Support Home Affairs Fight Fraud

Introduction Anytime you would like to apply for credit or purchase an asset you will be required to provide, amongst other documentation, a copy of your identity document (ID) and your marriage certificate (where applicable). Before child support grants will...
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