Wine Fraud


Wine Fraud can come in different forms, Wikipedia describes wine fraud perfectly;  “In all cases the fraud relates to the commercial aspects of wine. The most prevalent type of fraud is one where wines are adulterated, usually with the addition of cheaper products (e.g. juices) and sometimes with harmful chemicals and sweeteners (compensating for colour or flavour). Counterfeiting and the relabeling of inferior and cheaper wines to more expensive brands is another common type of wine fraud. A third category of wine fraud relates to the wine investment industry. This often works by offering wines to investors at excessively high prices. In some cases the wine is never bought for the investor. Losses in the UK have been high,prompting the DTI and Police to act. In the US, investors have been duped by fraudulent wine investment firms too. Independent guidelines to potential wine investors are now available.” (read more) is an online site that helps deal with Fraud within the industry and source solutions. Visit the site for interesting articles and news on wine fraud.

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